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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Mink eyelashes?

After many years of admiring Celebs, we finally know their secret for such gorgeous lashes… Mink of course! Our mink lashes are handmade from 100% natural Siberian Mink. Each set is hypoallergenic and totally free from any sort of chemical processing and dyes. Each pair of lashes have been properly sterilized and sanitized for safe use. Our mink is harvested during the mink animal’s natural shedding season. We source only the highest quality mink fur for our lashes. The band is made of either silk or cotton, they are light-weight and very comfortable to wear. Mink lashes are the most premium lashes available. Simply stunning, elegant lashes.

What is the difference between Synthetic and Mink Eyelashes?

The key differences between disposable Synthetic Lashes and Mink Lashes are the lash design, quality of material and how they are made. Because Taryn Lashes are made from 100% sustainably sourced Mink hair, they have a natural shine, are super lightweight and flexible, and can be curled like real human hair to provide a natural, feathery look.  With proper care, each pair of Taryn Lashes can be worn up to 25 time. Synthetic lashes, although inexpensive, are made with fabricated hair and most brands appear like faux eyelashes.

* Mink fur is beautiful with a natural sheen and undeniable multi-dimensional luster that synthetic lashes simply cannot compare to.

* Mink has unparalleled comfort because it is lighter in weight than synthetic.

* Mink fur is the softest and lightest so it makes the most natural strip lash product in the world.

* Mink has a naturally rich and luminous dark color without the use of synthetic dyes like other fur/hair and synthetic plastics.

* Mink fur has ends that naturally flip up and look beautiful on eyelash strips without chemical perming.

* Brushed mink has tapered ends that look “wispy” and feathery instead of the stiffer/thicker synthetic versions.

* Mink has more longevity than synthetic. Our mink lashes can last up to 25 uses with proper care.

Please keep in mind that since the lashes are made with 100% genuine mink, natural shedding will occur. Just as your natural lashes are not identical for both eyes, your mink lashes may not be the same either but will still look gorgeous on.

Should I choose the Black Cotton Band or the Invisible Band?

This is entirely up to you.

Some prefer one over the other and vice versa. It’s simply a matter of preference and your personal style. The Black Cotton band can make your eyes and makeup appear more dramatic because of the black color in the band which works very well with black or dark eyeliners. The clear Invisible Band can go either way, it can pair nicely with a dramatic smoky eye but it can also sit perfectly on a naked eye. The clear Invisible Band can sit flush with the skin and look seamless and more natural. The Black Cotton band can last a bit longer because the Cotton Band is thicker than the Silk Band, therefore they tend to be more durable. Both variations will last a long time with proper care, handling & storage.

What is the best way to wear my Taryn Lashes?

Every lash lover has their own personal style of wear based on their own preferences & natural lash type. Our mink lashes are made to last for multiple uses, but to ensure the longevity of your lashes, make sure to have a regular maintenance routine for your lashes.

  • Carefully remove lash from its packaging, avoid damage by slowly and gently releasing them from the package.
  • Measure the lash against your eye, make sure the length fits perfectly. IF you need to shorten them, trim your Mink Lashes starting from the outer corners. If your lashes pinch you, you’ll need to trim your lashes a bit more.
  • Based on your needs, you may choose to curl your natural lashes before applying the Mink Lashes. You may choose to add mascara to your natural lashes but it’s not necessary. If you are very fair and have light hair we suggest you put a coat of mascara on your natural lashes just enough to color them so they blend in with the Mink Lash.
  • Apply a good quality lash glue of your choice. You want to spread a thin layer of glue to the entire base of the lashes and let it set for about 20 seconds until the glue becomes tacky. If the glue is too wet, the lashes will slide right off & you will have difficulty setting the lashes where you lay them down.
  • Using your fingers, tweezers or a dedicated lash application tool such as the Taryn Lashes Effortless Lash Applicator, hold the lashes in the center and line it up with the center of your eyes and adhere. Then manipulate inner and outer corners to become fixed right above your lash line.
How should I care for my Taryn Lashes?
Follow these steps to provide the proper care your lashes deserve. These are just general guidelines to help you along your lash journey. We encourage you to do some research for more in depth information and advice that suits your own beauty regimen.
  • Please do not nap/sleep with your Taryn Lashes on.
  • Keep away from water and heat.
  • After removing your lashes from your eyes, getting rid of the old glue is very important. Do not pull on the hair as they may fall out of the band. Hold the lash by the base and GENTLY remove the glue residue with your fingertips or a pair of tweezers right after you take them off before the glue has time to fully dry & harden onto your strip lashes.
  • Take some time to care for your lashes after each wear, instead of letting the glue and makeup build up, which will only things more difficult for you.
  • You may use a cotton swab to apply makeup remover to the base of the lash line for easier removal.
  • If your lashes need a deep cleaning, you can use alcohol sparingly to clean them. Then pat dry and put them back in its case to conform & restore its original curl to the base.
  • Keep your mink lashes fluffy and beautiful longer by keeping mascara away from them.
  • Please store your Taryn Lashes in their original tray or lash box this will help keep your lashes clean and help maintain their shape so they will look fabulous for each wear!
How do I measure and trim Taryn Lashes?
Before applying glue and trimming the lash, measure your lashes so that it fits the length of your natural lash line. Always trim from the outer end of the lash and not the inner. We recommend users cut just short of the natural length of the eye as this will provide an easier application and will prevent the band from poking the inner corner of your eyes.
Can you curl and use mascara on the lashes?
Our handcrafted mink lashes already have a natural curl. However, if you choose to curl them, you can curl the lashes as if they are your own and the curl will maintain its shape for a longer time. We do not suggest using mascara on the eyelashes as it will give them a less natural look.



Can you swim while wearing Taryn Lashes?
No, we do not recommend swimming in mink lashes as this can ruin the curl and style of the lash. Mink fur is delicate and soaking the lashes in water can ruin the design.



How do you clean and store the lashes?
To ensure the longevity of your beautiful handcrafted lashes we suggest gently pulling off any excess glue from the band after each wear and placing them in their original casing so that they retain their shape.
How many times can you reuse a pair of mink lashes?
Taryn Lash mink eyelashes are carefully handcrafted and made to last through multiple wears. With proper care, each pair can be worn up to 25 times. Whenever you remove the lashes from your eyes, please make sure to gently remove the glue from the lashes with makeup remover and place them in their lash case, to maintain their natural shape and protect them from dust.
Is eyelash adhesive included with my purchase?
No, eyelash adhesive is not included in your purchase. We do sell Eyelash Adhesive separately.
Can I apply mascara onto my false lashes?
Applying mascara to your false lashes is optional, however, we don’t recommend applying any mascara so they maintain their fluffiness. If you do apply mascara, you can gently remove and comb the mascara out of the lashes with some non-oil makeup remover or alcohol. Gently brush through the hairs with a disposable mascara wand or a Q-tip. Do not soak them in any liquids.
Will the false eyelashes harm my own lashes?


When false eyelashes are applied correctly, with the proper adhesive and removed gently, there is no harm done to your real lashes. In fact, real lashes have shown to become healthier from wearing false eyelashes because it replaces the need to wear mascara or curl your eyelashes. False eyelashes are much safer and harmless compared to eyelash extensions, which will cause damage to your real lashes.


Can I get samples for my social media / blog?

Please contact our media office and provide a link to your blog or website along with as much information about you site as possible. Who is your target audience, what country are you located, how many subscribers / followers do you have, page views per month, etc., and someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Submit your request by filling out our contact form.

For all other questions, please contact Taryn.